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Grants Award History

Through the dedication and creativity of the teaching staff and the fundraising efforts of MTFEE, the foundation is proud to have awarded more than $600,000 in grants to Millstone Township public schools. There are currently more than 60 MTFEE-funded grant programs running in the Millstone Township School district. Every child that matriculates through the school district will in some way benefit from an MTFEE-funded grant. 

MTFEE is an innovator in education. In keeping with the foundation’s mission, MTFEE was the first organization in the district to fund the use of iPads in the classroom in 2011. In 2012, it funded the first iPad mobile labs in each Millstone Township school. MTFEE has frequently been the first organization to fund such innovative pilot programs that the district did not have the funds to implement. Other examples include funding the first SMART Board in 2002 before they were the norm in classrooms, first mobile lab for the language arts program in 2003, first mobile computer lab for the math department in 2005, first mobile music lab in 2007 and first STEM Enrichment programs in 2013.  Other recent grants include Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener; Traverse Rock Climbing Walls, STEAM Programmable Robitics Kits; Collaboratory Creativity Lab; Music Enhancements; Virtual Reality Cart; Learning Interactive Board; 3D Printer Refresh

Past Grant Monetary Award Totals

2020 - $13,080   (*this total does not include one grant price will be updated when possible)
019 - $36,629
2018 - $30,285
2017 - $6,588
2016 - $8,180
2015 - $40,496
2014 - $44,886
2013 - $5,803
2012 - $22,405
2011 - $24,036
2010 - $22,680
2009 - $17,430
2008 - $27,503