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MTFEE was incorporated by a group of Millstone Township leaders and educators with one vision: to promote and enhance educational excellence in our public schools through private resources within our community. The foundation strives to enrich children's educational experience by providing opportunities that might not be available without private funds. Operating a foundation within our school district also makes us eligible for grant monies from the state of New Jersey. The potential benefit to our children, our school system, and to our community is immeasurable.

Of the seven rural towns, which encompass Millstone Township, the one uniting force is our school system. Over the past 30 years, our township has evolved from one modest schoolhouse to a primary, elementary and middle school with a current enrollment of more than 1,100 students. Our schools are challenged to fund many worthwhile endeavors for our children.

MTFEE, with the community's support, wishes to inspire the youthful minds of our children to cultivate a passion for learning as well as aspire to achieve lofty goals thereby enriching all of our lives. With the aid of resources, both developed and dispersed, MTFEE will provide the funding for major projects benefiting all grade levels.

Through MTFEE's fundraising efforts, your generous donations and the creativity of Millstone Township teachers, the organization was able to award many grants.

The “180 Day Club,” which asks for donations of a $1.00 a day for the 180 days of school and “extraordinary learning,” continues to be a successful fundraiser. To date, MTFEE has raised more than $50,000 through the campaign. MTFEE wishes to thank its generous donors!

180 Day Club Donations have increased each year, since the program was introduced four years ago.

Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence (MTFEE) is a non-profit organization devoted to funding grants for items that nurture extraordinary educational experiences for every student in the Millstone Township Public Schools and are beyond the scope of the general school budget. Items include innovative classroom programs, educational opportunities for students, staff development, and state-of-the-art teaching materials.

Through the creativity of the teaching staff’s grant applications and the fundraising efforts of MTFEE, the foundation is proud to have awarded more than $600,000 in grants to Millstone Township Public Schools. MTFEE grants, which have been awarded at every grade level and in every discipline, have included SMARTBoards®, mobile computer and iPad™ labs, STEM enrichment programs and a rock climbing wall. MTFEE was the first organization in the district to put iPads™ into the classroom in the spring of 2011. There are currently more than 60 MTFEE-funded grant programs running. Every child that matriculates through the school district will in some way benefit from an MTFEE-funded grant.

MTFEE is a member of New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership and The National Consortium of State and Local Education Foundations (NCEFS).