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180 Day Club

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Your commitment of $1 a day for the 180 days of school will enable MTFEEto continue to provide grant funding for items that nurture extraordinary educational experiences for every student in Millstone Township Public Schools!

Contributors will have their name displayed on an "acorn," which will be hung on the MTFEE oak tree murals, displayed in the lobbies of the primary, elementary and middle schools, as well as listed  on MTFEE's website and promotional materials.

The program has been a success, thanks to generous contributions! Nearly $60,000 has been raised to date, which has helped MTFEE provide grant funding for items that are beyond the scope of the general school budget.          

Items have included STEAM enrichment programs, learning labs, book rooms, professional development,  fitness equipment, vision screener, SMARTBoards ® , and mobile computer and iPad labs, in addition to  rock climbing and LEGO ® walls t o name a few…