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Cycle 13 - Fall 2007 - $15,810 Elementary School
  • Climbing Towards Wellness ($15,810) Elementary School
    This grant will provide the Elementary School with a Traverse Climbing Wall that would be installed permanently in the gym at the Elementary School. It allows for many cross curriculum opportunities like climbing towards the correct answer too a math problem or tying sentences together buy climbing to the words in correct order. For Phys Ed it offers a unique opportunity to offer a program that promotes exercise that improves flexibility and agility, coordination and motor skills. It will also build mind and character in all who use it. The grant recipients are particularly excited about using it in their special education program. We awarded it in third grade lunch and boy can those kids cheer!!

  • Presidential Book and Audio Visual Library ($2,399.91) Middle School
    This is a complete library of books and audio discs of all of our presidents. It really offers a comprehensive resource to our Middle School Students. The Social Studies teachers were all together in one classroom when we surprised them with the grant. These books will be something the students can use for years and years