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Cycle 16 - Spring 2009 - $17,430.13
  • E-Professional Library ($1650.00) Pre-K through 8th – Laura Vetere
    Online library that provides administrators and teachers with relevant information they can use to improve instruction, participate in professional learning communities and increase pedagogy.

  • Bumper Bowling ($250.00) Primary Special Needs – Yvonne Warschawski
    Offers a simple way to teach socialization skills to a group of special needs children.

  • Smart Stations ($4,534.20) Primary Kindergarten – Traci Soriano/Faith Miller
    These materials create literacy, math and science centers for kindergarten classes to help students develop “hands on” skills, learn independence, self-monitoring and problem solving.

  • Redefining Text ($639.96) Middle 8th – Kathryn McKenna
    With four “flip” digital video cameras, students can develop journalistic pursuits and dramatic interpretations of stories.

  • Fine Feathered Fossils ($1188.93) Middle 6th – Beth Topinka
    Online course allows 6th grader science teachers to teach real life skills employed by today’s paleontologists and evolutionary biologists. Students can also examine high-quality model skeletons of an advance non-avian dinosaur and a modern bird comparing features to discover connections regarding their evolutionary relationship.

  • Hearing Before Learning ($9168.00) Primary 1st – First Grade Teachers
    Provides each first grade classroom with an FM amplification system.