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Cycle 12 - Sring 2007 - $46,451.24

Cycle 12 - Sring 2007 - $46,451.24

  • Visual Presenter System ($5,864.00) [Cheryl Hoffman - Grade k]
    The Visual Presenter Equipment is for Kindergarten. They are requesting four high resolution Visual Presenters and projectors. This proposal will enhance the present curriculum by creating a more actively involved learning experience. The teachers can project and review stories and lessons with the whole class instead of having children work in groups where they wait for their turn for individual instruction. It will help to keep this young age focused and involved. The children will be able to use and point and highlight lessons with the visual presenter. It increases their class participation and engagement.

  • Writing Through Literature ($6,803.77) [Nina Banerjee and Stephanie Dunk -Grades1-2]
    The Writing through literature is for 1st and 2nd graders. The teachers are requesting a varied selection of grade appropriate books that provide samples of various writing techniques as well as visual aides to accompany the particular style of writing being demonstrated in a book. The program associated with these books will allow students to learn to write and understand how stories are told and what makes them compelling to read. The best part of this program is the engagement of the children in the writing process. Introducing writing techniques in this fashion to this grade level will give them a great foundation to build on for the future.

  • Social Skills Training For Children with Special Needs ($410) [Yvonne Warschawski grades K-1]
    This grant will provide a DVD/CD set with seven lessons for social interaction of special needs children, a DVD/VCR/CD player and a bus trip. Since children with special needs to do not assimilate behavior and social responses as easily as most children, These seven “settings” (lessons) will aid in teaching appropriate response to them. The bus trip will place them in a real live real time setting to demonstrate the skills they have learned through this program.

  • What Happens in Vegas Will Not Stay in Vegas ($4,803.47) [Michelle Uffer, Lisa Murin, Lisa Camposano, Sara Stofik, Brandy Krueger - professional enrichment ]
    This grant if for the professional enrichment of four teachers and the principal of the elementary school. The National Conference on Differentiated Instruction is held in Las Vegas in July 2007. They presented a very well though out grant with a timeline that begins with their attendance at this conference in June. Each of the teachers will attend varied workshops on differentiated instruction at the conference. It will allow them to return and prepares instruction manuals and binders that all of the Elementary School teachers can use including Special Ed. It will help them reach their goals of creating a resource library that teachers can use for years to come. This resource library will continue to grow as the teachers develop and fine tune their programs as well as create a very cohesive network for the teachers to share and learn from each other.

  • SMARTer Storytelling ($4,305.00) [Lisa Camposano - Grade 3]
    This grant provides a Smart board, a laptop and a LCD projector as well as a training program for the instructor. This grant uses technology to enhance curriculum for the current Living History Fair for third grade. Students use the board initially to study and learn about famous Americans as a group. It will aid in instruction of enhancing presentations to include video, pictures, and audio…even recording of their own narratives. It will allow them to take virtual field trips, manipulate data and maps, view photos and video clips and much more.

  • Hablame! ($4,465.00) [Nicole Vitiello - Grades 6-8 Spanish)
    This grant will provide equipment and Spanish software that has 850 hours of learning divided into five different workshops. The program will be used two to three days a week for instruction. This offers technology that gets active and engaged participation from the students. It is visual, it is engaging, and it decreases lesson integration time and allows all types of learning styles to benefit (kinesthetic, visual, hearing impaired and so on). (Smart board/PC)

  • Music Mobile Lab ($19,800.00) [Christie Schutz - Grades 6-8]
    The goal of this equipment and software is to enhance the current visual and performing arts curriculum. It provides musical theory, note reading, composition, piano, jazz, improvisation and concert band music. It allows for a music lab setting and hopes to start a Piano composition program for after school. It allows for recording of performances to use as a teaching tool as well.