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Cycle 17 - 2010 - $22,680.58
  • Learning Math Facts with Rhymes n' Times ($6375) K- 4th - Karen Vitro
    The Rhymes n' Times program uses multi-sensory education in order to achieve student success with math facts. All students are able to learn basic math facts through auditory, kinesthetic, visual and tactile methods.

  • Learning Through Play ($1784.37) Preschool Disabled Class - Linda Russell, Patricia Marzzzullo
    This project promotes social communication and emotional development in preschoolers with special needs. Prop boxes that are organized around specific themes, contain real life items used by people for particular roles. Through role playing, the children can practice roles, imitate actions and conversations, expand their language skills and generalize classroom learning to real-life situations.

  • Coral Tune-up ($585.25) Middle School Chorus - Heather Philhower
    A one day Coral workshop in which the middle school chorus worked with a choral clinician and the chorus directors garnered professional enrichment.

  • Life Skills Training ($977.27) 6,7 & 8th grade self contained special education class - Mary Jane Russo, Marianne Disick, Jeanne Vocaturo
    A program addressing specific life skills of learning disabled adolescents through community based instruction. Verbal communication skills, personal hygiene, and money management was addressed in speech therapy sessions was well as self contained language arts, health and math classes. The culmination of the unit was a supervised outing where students were able to utilize the skills learned in a "real world" setting.

  • Software for All Abilities ($575.00) Yvonne Warschawski
    The "Clicker 5" software program is designed for students with different abilities. It provides innovative features for a wide range of special needs students with physical disabilities and with low vision, as well as students with speech and language deficits. It adds motivation and encourages even the most reluctant readers and writers to have a positive attitude toward learning.

  • Social Studies Mobile Lab ($12,383.69) Jamie Golizio & the Middle School Social Studies Department
    A mobile mini laptop lab for students to use for research and instruction enrichment.