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Cycle 14 - Spring 2008 - $19,702.44
  • A New Voice -$2,264.09 Joanne Schuimo Primary 2nd grade
    This grant provided a Mac Book, digital video camera, two I Pods, CD's/DVD's
    and a mini tripod for enhancing the writing and literacy program for a second grade class.
    While using the writing process; from brainstorming to publishing, children will explore the use of heir own personal "voice" or style in various writing genres. This grant will be used to expand an existing
    program but can now take on an exciting metamorphosis with the use of technology.

  • Smart Boards - Smarter Classrooms $14,779.00 Third Grade Team
    With the success of SMARTer Storytelling ($4,305.00) [Lisa Camposano - Grade 3] Cycle 12 This grant expands the program to all third grade classes!

  • 2008 National Autism Conference $534.35 Nancy Osterberg 3rd-5th LLD
    The conference provides comprehensive, evidence based information to assist
    educators in developing effective educational and therapeutic programming for all
    students with autism spectrum disorders. The conference lasts for 5 days and
    each day there are a variety of workshops offered.

  • 6th Grade Smart Boards - Math $2,125.00 Lisa McManus, Lisa Dittmeier 6th
    This grant provides two wall mounted smart boards for each 6th grade Math class.
    Using smart boards will allow the students to view mathematics more visually, be
    able to manipulate data, more actively involve students in the learning process
    and provide more resources to supplement the current Everyday Math program.