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Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence Awarded $19,831.67 in Grants This School Year to Millstone Township Schools - June 9, 2016


Millstone TOWNSHIP, NJ, June 9, 2016 – Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence (MTFEE) awarded 5 grants today totaling $8,180.20 to Millstone Township Schools. Grant awards included balance balls chairs, real life learning lab, CRICUT for the computer graphics elective, drum set and tower garden equipment. In January, MTFEE awarded 5 grants totaling $11,651.47 to its schools. Between its two grant cycles this school year, MTFEE awarded a total of $19,831.67. Since 2002, MTFEE has awarded more than $523,700 to its schools. There are currently more than 60 MTFEE-funded grant programs running in the Millstone Township School district. Every child that matriculates through the school district will in some way benefit from an MTFEE funded grant.


Following is a listing of the grants and recipients:

Bounce, Focus and Learn Sequel (3,673.75) ( Louise Picaroni, Elementary School Guidance Counselor ) - MTFEE awarded a grant for 45 balance ball chairs to the primary school in December 2015. The pilot program has been successful. This grant consists of 42 balance ball chairs for the elementary school. Like the primary school, it will be implemented for all students in a small group setting. In addition, each classroom teacher in the elementary school will have one balance ball chair and can implement it based on the needs of their class and students. The chair features a large bounce ball to sit on and a back support. The use of these bounce ball chairs will help students achieve greater success, as well as support better posture and health. There is a body of research that indicates the positive learning outcomes for balance ball chairs. Studies show when students use balance ball chairs, they are able to sit still by moving allowing them to focus better, write more words clearly and be more engaged. The balance ball may also reduce obesity and improve students' overall health and posture.

Real Life Learning Lab ($1,705.83) (Doreen Laskowiecz, Primary School Music Teacher) - The grant consists of various learning centers—for primary school students—including an animation station, coding and robotics, game strategies and Little Bits. The center activities will focus on various life skills, as well as beginning coding, real-world outreach and 21st century skills. Each grade level will have different design activities, within the centers, to provide age-appropriate learning goals.

A CRICUT for Computer Graphics Elective ($1,301.72) (Linda Guzinski, Middle School Technology Teacher) - The grant consists of a CRICUT machine and supplies that will enhance the computer graphics elective course and expand the current STEAM curriculum by utilizing hands-on manipulative materials, to produce a worthwhile project. Middle school students taking this elective will have a real-world experience in creating, designing and producing 3-D items using various mediums including card stock, vinyl, cork board, paper, magnets, iron-on sheets, etc.

Drum Set ($894.00) (Gwen Parker, Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher) - The grant consists of a drum set for the middle school music, vocal and theatre departments. The drum set will enable students to create, perform and critique a wide variety of musical styles, as well continue to improve their performances.

Tower Garden Equipment ($604.90) ( Danielle Kalash , Middle School Special Education Teacher ) - This grant will extend the life of a "Tower Garden" grant that Ms. Kalash received from the Monmouth County Curriculum Consortium. The "Tower Garden Equipment" grant consists of an extension kit, support cage, grow lights kit and pump, mineral blend, as well as lower and raise pH kits to help support the Tower Garden. This will enable students to have a hands-on learning experience, which studies prove give them a deeper understanding than those who experience lecture-based learning.

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