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MTFEE Awarded $6,587.91 in Grants This School Year to Millstone Township Schools - May 17, 2017

Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence Awarded $6,587.91 in Grants This School Year to Millstone Township Schools

MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, NJ, May 17, 2017 – Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence (MTFEE) awarded 2 grants today for "Flexible Seating Classrooms," totaling $6,587.91, to Millstone Township Schools. Since 2002, MTFEE has awarded more than $530,300 to its schools. There are currently more than 60 MTFEE-funded grant programs running in the Millstone Township School district. Every child that matriculates through the school district will in some way benefit from an MTFEE-funded grant.

Following is a listing of the grants and recipients:

Flexible Seating Classroom ($3,732.58) (Jennifer Sincox, fifth grade teacher; Jennifer Modula, special education teacher; Nancy Osterberg, learning disabilities teacher consultant) - The grant consists of standing desks, bean bag chairs, back patter chairs, as well as lap trays. This flexible seating classroom environment is designed to empower students to make their own seating choices, based on seating options that increase productivity and engagement, instead of traditional classroom furniture. The classroom will be set up with a variety of work areas, which will enable students to increase movement, work collaboratively and engage in critical thinking.

Flexible Seating for Focused Learners ($2,855.33) ( Meghan Olah and Nicole Meyrick, third grade teachers ) - The grant consists of flexible and alternative seating options during whole group and small group instruction, as well as independent work time. The grant includes a large rectangular table and alternative seating options such as stools, which will rock and tilt in all directions and ball chairs, which will allow movement and encourage better posture. Both options will give students an opportunity for sensory output, while helping them to remain focused. Options for low level seating include floor pillows, bean bag chairs and back patter chairs. They will be offered to students during independent time—where students are expected to demonstrate stamina for reading and writing for 20 minutes or more. These options will enable students to feel more comfortable and therefore more engaged and focused.

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MTFEE operates independently from the school district and replenishes its grant fund exclusively through private donations and its fundraising efforts. The foundation has awarded more than $530,300 in grants to Millstone Township schools since 2002. MTFEE grants, which have been awarded at every grade level and in every discipline, have included STEAM enrichment programs, learning lab, book rooms, professional development, fitness equipment, SMARTBoards ® , mobile computer and iPad TM labs, and a rock climbing wall. MTFEE is a member of New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership and The National Consortium of State and Local Education Foundations (NCEFS).



From left to right:
Kristin Schloss, MTFEE trustee; Melissa DeRose, MTFEE trustee;
Aimee Duffy, MTFEE trustee; Nancy Osterberg, learning disabilities teacher consultant; Jennifer Modula, special education teacher; Jennifer Sincox, fifth grade teacher; Nicole Pyhel, MTFEE trustee; Amee Bhatia, MTFEE trustee; Beth Cotler, MTFEE Trustee

From left to right:
Suzanne Guidry, elementary school principal;
Meghan Olah, third grade teacher; Nicole Meyrick, third grade teacher; Karen Barry, director of curriculum & instruction



2016-17 MTFEE Officers & Trustees


Beth Cotler – President & Grant Chairperson

Nicole Pyhel – Vice President & Information Officer

Jennifer Pratt – Treasurer

Kristin Schloss – Corresponding & Recording Secretary

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Melissa DeRose -– "Family Movie Day" Co-Chairperson & Grant Co-Chairperson

Jennifer Hyer – "180 Day Club" Chairperson & "Family Movie Day" Co-Chairperson

Christina Baldino – Membership & Nominating Chairperson

Dr. Amy Jacobson – "MOA" Chairperson

Kristin Morris – Website Administrator

Aimee Duffy – Fundraising Chairperson

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Natalie Biello

Anita Lisnow

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Stephanie Grassullo

Coleen Raccuglia

Nicole Davies

Amee Bhatia

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Lisa Pado

Kimberly Paullman