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MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, NJ, September 10, 2017 – Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence (MTFEE) announces the kick-off of its “180 Day Club” for the 2017-18 school year. MTFEE is a non-profit organization devoted to funding grants for items that nurture extraordinary educational experiences for every student in Millstone Township Public Schools and are beyond the scope of the general school budget.


The “180 Day Club” asks for contributions of $1.00 a day for each of the 180 days of school and “extraordinary” learning. Families who contribute will have their name displayed on an acorn. The acorns will be hung on the MTFEE oak tree murals that are displayed in the lobbies of the primary, elementary and middle schools.


MTFEE operates independently from the school district and replenishes its grant fund exclusively through private donations and its fundraising efforts. The foundation has awarded more than $530,300 in grants to Millstone Township schools since 2002. MTFEE grants, which have been awarded at every grade level and in every discipline, have included future-ready classrooms, STEAM enrichment programs, learning lab, book rooms, professional development, fitness equipment, SMARTBoards ® , mobile computer and iPad labs, and a rock climbing wall.


There are currently more than 60 MTFEE-funded grant programs running. Every child that matriculates through the school district will in some way benefit from an MTFEE-funded grant. MTFEE is a member of New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership and The National Consortium of State and Local Education Foundations (NCEFS). 


For more information about the “180 Day Club,” becoming a trustee or its fundraising efforts, please e-mail , visit and Like Us on Facebook.