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180 Day Club Donors
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180 Day Club Donors

MTFEE would like to thank the following donors who have contributed to the "180 Day Club" in 2016/17:

Acquaviva Family
Baldino Family
Bhatia Family
Blythe Family
Bodala Family
Boland Family
Cappola Family
Cotler Family
DePinho Family
DeRose Family
Grassullo Family
Griggs Family
Hanson Family
Italiano Family
Meluso Family
Mitchell Family
Morris Family
Navroski Family
Paulmenn Family
Pratt Family
Pyhel Family
Ragosa Family
Saker Family
Saxton Family
Schloss Family
Serio Family
Sinha Family
Solitario Family
Somers Family
Spitaletto Family
Telmany Family
Trimarche Family
Tula Family
Vergari Family
Waskovich Family
Weltner Family
Kayla & Arianna Williams

















The MTFEE is a 501(c) (3) organization that operates independently from the school district.
All donations (cash, gift certificates, items) are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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